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Finitura Strato base AR 5L

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Decorative semitransparent varnish with a broad range of pearlescent effects.

Field of application: surface decoration of walls, ceilings and elements of the interior decoration. It can be used in rooms with increased humidity (except places of constant direct exposure to water). It is an effective tone and protective layer for decorative plasters «Pietra», «Pietra Lucida» (ТМ Ferrara Рaint), it can be used as an independent coating, which is applied on background paint «Fondo Ferrara» (ТМ Ferrara Рaint) and also as a finishing coating for other decorative plasters.

Surface preparation: the surface, on which the material is applied, should be dry, without dust. It is recommended to use deeply penetrating agent with fixing characteristics – «Penetrazione Adesivo» (ТМ FerraraРaint) on strongly absorbing surfaces (lime plasters etc.). See method of application in ТS Penetrazione Adesivo.

Applying as an independent coating: apply «Finitura Strato» on dried-up background paint «Fondo Ferrara» (ТМ Ferrara Рaint) forming wishful pattern. The tracery depends on using instrument. The number of layers is unlimited. The application of one colour to another or their combination at the moment of application makes beautiful decorative effect.

Applying as a decorative layer on raised plasters: the method of application of the material and its dilution with water are determined by master according to wishful effect.

The temperature for application: apply in temperature range from +5 to +30 ̊C and relative humidity not more than 80%.

Dilution with water: the product is ready to use, if necessary, you can dilute it with water, but not more than 150%. The quantity of added water is determined by master, according to the necessary viscosity of the material for a specific method of applying, used tool and wishful effect.

Using instruments: brush, roller, swab, sponge, applicator «MilleRighe», putty knife, plane, made of steel or plastic, different instruments for creating the decorative effects.

Time of drying: coating is dry on the surface – 2-12 hours, it depends on layer, the whole process of film polymerization is not less than 7 days at temperature not less than +5°С.

Conditions of exploiting: after the whole polymerization, coating can be cleaned lightly with nonabrasive cleanser.

Expense of the material: 6-15 m2/L according to the method of applying.

Bases: “P ” – pearl, grayish-cream; “AR”– silvery, “AU”– golden, “DC” – pearl with a gold shimmer, “OPACO” – silky-matt transparent .

Colours: the material is coloured by pigments in wishful shades according to colour palette.

Density: 1000 сm3 = 1050 g

Packing: 5L

Shelf life and storage conditions: store in branded packing at temperature from + 5 to +30 °С – 12 months from the manufactured date. Product should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The manufactured date and lot number are specified on the packing.

Ingredients: water, pearl pigments, functional, bactericidal, thickening additives, acrylic dispersion.

Product code: 20.30.11

Certificate of state registration: TU U 20.3-38092260-001: 2012

Manufacturer: LLC «Ferrara Group»

Labor protection: the product is not classified as dangerous. See the hygienic conclusion № 05.03.02-04/121216 from 07.12.12, examination protocol № 11376 from 03.12.12. It doesn’t contain as heavy metals as chromium and lead, and also tactful, aromatic, chlorinated solvents. A dangerous for health polymerization is not observed. Keep away from children. In case of eyes contact, rinse immediately with water. Do not allow to enter into sewerage system, reservoirs and soil.