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Samsung Staron

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Artificial stone Samsung Staron is widely used when creating unique projects premises. This material is known for its practical and aesthetic properties.

The color palette consists of 120 points, and various textural forms easily mimic the look of natural stone. The combination of different textures and colors, You can create the product of Your dreams, embodying the most daring ideas.

Material Staron is often used in medical facilities and premises of public catering as it is an environmentally friendly product.

the Artificial stone Samsung Staron surpasses all the materials for making kitchen countertops. This material is known for its performance, not amenable to thermal and mechanical influences.

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the Artificial stone TRISTONE, which is produced in South Korea, has gained popularity for its exceptional combination of price and quality.

Color palette of stone TRISTONE are divided into several series in order to satisfy any buyer’s taste. Different design ideas can be implemented easily by combining several shades and textures.

The advantages of this stone are high strength, eco-friendliness and ease of operation. Articles of stone TRISTONE look great in any room, complementing the interior, and for a long time do not lose their appearance.

the Artificial stone TRISTONE is an affordable luxury!

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