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Our value – a single, purposeful, open and passionate team!

The main objective of the corporate policy of “Ferrara Group” is to enable all employees to give a good account of themselves. We follow the same principle in relations with our customers, with each other, and in making business decisions.

The philosophy of our activity is determined by the main principles:

Build a business based on trust and honesty;
Invent new in the desire to exceed expectations;
Respect the national and cultural diversity of your people;
Take care of ecological well-being and safety

Socio-ecological responsibility

For the “Ferrara Group” is not just words. All our activities are based on quality, reliability and promising innovations.

The partners of the Ferrara Group team have the opportunity to participate in the discussion, planning and testing of new products that enable them to meet the challenges of tomorrow in the field of construction and finishing. All these products are created for the rational use of resources in the future. They are reliable, high-quality, innovative and durable.

At the same time, we take seriously the issues of social responsibility. Our strategy is to consolidate the social and environmental goals and priorities in the company’s activities by taking part in charitable projects, social actions and non-commercial events.

Since August 2017 we have entered the “Ukrainian Association of Producers”. One of the main goals is to promote the comprehensive development of production facilities in Ukraine and create a label “made in Ukraine”, which will serve as a guarantee of quality and a guarantee of reliability for the consumer.